Sept 27-28 See Alex at
Thanksgiving Point for the
Renaissance Faire
Sept 19 Hear Alex & Sam
at Stonemountain


Celtic tunes often grow from a story or event. The story of the Bigney family's music begins with a forgotten village in the hills of Nova Scotia that is now all but reclaimed by the wilds.

Wander with us through these quiet woods, following Grampa and his memories of this place: here is the stone foundation that was once a home - this break in the trees was the main road - a pile of rubble was once the schoolhouse where folk would dance strathspeys and reels all night.

Stand here for a moment, surrounded by the silence, and listen with us for the notes of Great-grampa's fiddle, lingering still. Run your hands over the white-washed walls of the church and feel the imprint of other hands there.

This is Kirkmount.